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Welcome to the Herb Brooks Foundation

    The Herb Brooks Foundation is dedicated to providing more opportunities for kids to play the game of hockey. True to his words, the Foundation will assist in, "making hockey fun for kids and letting them learn to love the game the way we did."

    In keeping with this ideal, the Foundation will support programs that emphasize the development of youth hockey players and coaches throughout the country. The Foundation will also assist in providing more outdoor hockey facilities and programs, which directly impact the development of youth hockey players.

    Give the Game Back...

    "Competition without preparation is anti-development and we are on a slippery slope in youth hockey today. There are a lot of positive things, but we also have to watch out for the 'doing too much too soon for too few' syndrome. Basically we need to stop narrowing the base of the pyramid. We need to make hockey fun for the kids and let them learn to love the game the way we did. Kids love to play and we need to give the game back to them. I basically wanted to create an environment to give the games back to the players as much as possible."

    Herb Brooks

    John McClellan

    Executive Director

    Phone: 763-785-5645


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