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2022 Herb Brooks Foundation Spring Wrap Up

By HBF Staff, 05/13/22, 1:30PM CDT


St. Paul & Minneapolis spring clinics

The Herb Brooks Foundation hosted their 2022 St. Paul and Minneapolis Spring Clinics at Pleasant Arena on Wednesday nights and Parade Ice Garden on Thursday nights. During the 5-week duration the kids were split into two groups - Learn to Skate and Learn to Play Hockey. Learn to Skate aims to teach the fundamentals of skating while gradually introducing different elements of hockey and is geared towards participants ages 4-9. Learn to Play Hockey is geared toward those who already have a skating foundation and are looking to learn or improve their hockey skills and is geared towards participants ages 8-13. We had about  50 kids attend per session and saw lots of progression week to week. The St. Paul and Minneapolis Summer Clinic registration will open on June 1st.


The Herb Brooks Foundation welcomed over 500+ students who walked to the Super Rink from Centerview Elementary located on the NSC campus to skate for gym class. Every 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th grade student had the opportunity to skate two times over the course of two weeks. There were 6 groups of about 50 kids who came throughout the day between 10:00am and 3:30pm.

The Herb Brooks Foundation was able to provide helmets, skates and sticks for the kids . This  unique opportunity helped students keep moving and to learn skating techniques. It was the first time on the ice for many kids which was a frustrating but rewarding skill for them. The students had a blast and it was fun to see the improvement and confidence levels rise after each session. We are thankful for the great relationship shared between the Herb Brooks Foundation, the National Sports Center, the Super Rink and Centerview Elementary. We are looking forward to giving students this opportunity in the years coming.