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Herb Brooks Foundation Mission

The Vision

The Foundation’s vision is to become the cornerstone in the effort to grow hockey, and to produce more American players with world-class skills. Additionally, HBF will go to great lengths to make hockey more accessible for players of all capabilities. 

To do this, the Foundation will lead by example: It will show players, parents, officials, coaches and youth associations how to make hockey less structured and more fun, while building the base of "the pyramid." As a result, more kids will play, and their skills will improve along the way.

The Foundation’s strength is its ability to advocate for the sport while focusing on youth development. It is widely recognized as innovative, and as an organization that lets players, parents, officials and coaches understand what is really important for young people who play hockey and other sports.

"Grow the base of hockey; give kids a positive hockey experience and an opportunity to learn life lessons."

Herb Brooks

Guiding Principles

The Foundation's Guiding Principles reflect all of Herb's knowledge from a lifetime in coaching. They are a framework for achieving Herb's youth hockey development vision. These principles were developed cooperatively between Herb’s family and the Foundation's Board of Directors.

Four Pillars of Program Development & Training

  1. Dry-land training
  2. On-ice training
  3. Character, leadership, and officials' education
  4. Unstructured “pond hockey” play

Latest News

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